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I'm Suraj and I'm a

As a Data and AI Enthusiast with four years of data analytics experience, Master's degree in Applied Mathematics (Data Science specialisation), previously a mathematics lecturer, and a learner; I transform data into actionable insights and present them in an easily understandable manner.

I am Experienced with creating dashboards and visualisations with BI Tools, databases, Python, and advanced SQL.

I aspire to work in a company that has a growth culture and value their employee as they value their KPI.

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate (PL-300) & Azure Fundamentals (AI-900)

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My skills

Technical Skills
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Microsoft Excel
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Soft Skills
  • Networking
  • Communications
  • Collaboration

Leaderships & Experience

Data AnalystAn American Multinational Fintech company. Vilnius , Lithuania

The Employer is a multinational financial services corporation focused on its cross-border money transfer services. (Expand to know details)
Oct 2022 - Oct 2023

  • Accelerated the achievement of the 2023 annual target for digital payment collections by three months, surpassing the year-end deadline.
  • Uncovered opportunities for the retrieval of both fraud and non-fraud charges.
  • Engaged in extensive collaboration with the Risk, Fraud, and Products teams to conduct in-depth investigations into chargebacks, whether fraud-related or not..
  • Automated reporting processes in Power BI Reports and dashboard, resulting in a weekly time savings of 20 hours.
  • Managed and executed the complete data analysis lifecycle, ensuring data quality, analysis, visualization, and reporting.
  • Automated 10+ routine tasks by transitioning from Excel to Python scripts, creating a library of standard operating procedures that boosted team efficiency.
  • Engaged with 50+ aspiring data analysts through training sessions, forums and by addressing data-related inquiries.

Data Analyst Freelancing Freelancing Remote Oct 2021 - Sep 2022

  • Took Career break from full time job to spend time with family and wife
  • Analysis of Local Election Data in Nepal to find data-oriented solutions in respective constituencies Worked with RGIS, France as auditor for regular income
  • Gave up freelancing to work full time.

Master of Science (Specilisation Data Science) ENSIMAG Grenoble, France Sep 2018 - Sep 2021

  • Data Science Internship (Mar 2021- Sep 2021), SIMAP Laboratory .
  • Performed variable selections of the Parrinello-Behler descriptors in Material Science. Investigated models with random forest and other various linear/non-linear models.
  • Selected Deep learning with Feedforward (Artificial Neural Network) for feature selection.

Data Analyst Non-profit Humanitarian Organisation Onsite March 2017 - Aug 2018

  • The project was related to rehabilation of earthquake affected victims in Nepal.
  • Designed quarterly/annual surveys and collected/cleaned/analyzed data to understand beneficiaries of earthquake rehabilitation programs undertaken by the organization.
  • Designed quarterly/annual surveys and collected/cleaned/analyzed data to understand beneficiaries of earthquake rehabilitation programs undertaken by the organization.
  • Professional Achievment: Undertook one of the projects as a Project Manager and led projects from Sep 2017 to Aug 2018. Led a team of 15 to implement timeline activities
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What People Managers Say About Me?

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Dovydas Judelevicius
Manager, Digital Payments at Western Union
I had the privilege of working closely with Suraj Ghimire during a challenging period at our company when a key team member departed, leaving a critical gap in our data and reporting tasks. Suraj stepped up and demonstrated his dedication and skills in maintaining the momentum of these vital responsibilities. Suraj's ability to transition into this crucial role and take ownership of the data and reporting tasks was impressive. His determination to ensure a continuation of operations during this transition period was commendable. Suraj not only upheld the quality and consistency of our data and reporting but also made significant improvements to our processes, which will undoubtedly benefit the team in the long run.

What struck me the most about Suraj was his positive attitude and resilience. Even in the face of knowing that he would eventually leave the company, he never wavered in his commitment to the team and the job at hand. His dedication, professionalism, and strong work ethic were evident in everything he did.

I have no doubt that Suraj will excel in his future endeavors, and any team or organization would be fortunate to have him on board. He is not only a skilled data and reporting professional but also a team player who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of his colleagues and the company's goals.

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Randall Calvo Ramírez
Operational Excellence Lead at Western Union

I am pleased to extend my recommendation to Suraj Ghimire for any role related to data analysis, business strategies, quality frameworks, project management and any other related position at any organization. In my capacity as Project and Quality Manager at WU, I have had the privilege to supervise indirectly and collaborate with Suraj for a span of more than 1 year. Throughout this period, he has consistently demonstrated top-tier analytical abilities combined with an unmatched work ethic.

Suraj's prowess in data analytics has been instrumental in several of our most successful projects. He has an innate ability to sieve through enormous sets of data, extract meaningful insights, and then translate these insights into actionable strategies. One notable instance was his pivotal role in the revamping of our digital operations platforms based on the data-driven insights he gathered, resulting in a significant increase in customer engagement.

Additionally, Suraj's exceptional skills in tools such as Power BI, Python, SQL, and R, combined with his adaptability to evolving technologies, place him at the forefront of the field. His ability to present complex data in a comprehensible manner has frequently bridged the gap between our tech team and non-tech stakeholders.

Beyond his technical skills, what truly sets Suraj apart is his interpersonal communication and leadership qualities. He naturally assumes mentoring roles, guiding junior staff members with patience and expertise. His collaborative nature ensures that he integrates seamlessly into multidisciplinary teams, amplifying the team’s overall efficiency.

Given these qualities and his proven track record at Western Union, I am confident that Suraj is impeccably suited for positions related to his experience. I firmly believe that he would not only meet but greatly exceed your expectations, bringing tangible value to your team.

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Jelena Siaurienė
Manager, Data Science Insights and Analytics at Western Union
I wholeheartedly recommend Suraj as a highly professional data scientist. With his extensive experience and remarkable ability to continuously learn and adapt in this rapidly evolving field, he is an invaluable asset to any team. What sets Suraj apart is his willingness to share his knowledge generously, benefitting not only his own growth but also the development of others. His commitment to excellence and his collaborative nature make him an outstanding choice for any data-related project.
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